Top 4 Skin Care Tips Derms Do Themselves

Stay Covered:

The skin covering your face is the most sensitive to the sun, quite ironic really but true, and no, covering your face with layers and layers of makeup will not help even a little bit girls! But instead, leave you with pimples and scars for the majority of your life. So what do you do… without makeup you look like you have the chicken pox, but wearing makeup makes it worse. Solution: Take off the makeup, slap on some sunscreen and spend a nice day with your boyfriend or family at the beach, also salt water is amazing for your skin so going for a swim wont hurt. Getting some sun and salt water on a clean, uncovered face will help a great deal with pimples and pesky little marks caused by us girls always worrying about what other people think. Plus, a day at the beach with someone we love is a lovely way to unwind after a stressful week at work or school.



Another way to get rid of pimples and marks is to simply stop wearing makeup. At this point you have probably got your mouse on your browsers back button, but hear me out… There are certain chemicals in certain makeup brands that are not at all good for your pores, which leads to them getting clogged and pimples forming. Why they put chemicals that are not good for your face in products specifically made for your face, I don’t know. But, you can still achieve that made up look with an all natural tinted moisturiser, it’s got all the benefits of makeup whilst moisturising and nourishing your face, plus its not like cement to get off before you go to sleep. Win, Win Right?



I do not condone changing what you eat for any reason, but instead, adding certain foods to your shopping list can work wonders! Almonds are my favourite superfood, they contain essential fatty acids, which helps put the brakes on inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging, and blotchiness. Almonds are extremely cheap at your local grocer and are great for busy people always on the go. Not feeling like a nut? Salmon, tuna, and halibut are good lunch/dinner sources, but a tad more expensive.



Stress plays a big part in how our skin reacts every day, it really does pay off to set aside even an hour to yourself, make yourself a cup of tea and your own face mask full of revitalizing ingredients, put on some relaxing music and just breathe. I have created a “Zen” Room in my home, full of fluffy pillows, and bare walls (bare walls with no pictures or colours is good for people with concentration problems, like me, as there is nothing interesting to look at, so you get in “Zen Mode” quicker), I do a lot of my ‘meditating’, as some may call it, in my “Zen” room.



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